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For the Release of Psycho-Physiological Manifestations of Stress
Headache / Migraine
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RRR 133 Headache / Migraine
RRR 931
RRR 934
RRR 942
RRR 102
RRR 933
Micro Music Laboratories®
Quality Standard
This program is designed for those suffering from headache & migraine related to stress.

How is the Medical Resonance
Therapy Music® used?

For every different area there is a listening plan structured after many years of scientific medical research which have demonstrated the positive effects of the Medical Resonance Therapy Music®.

In order to obtain the beneficial effects it is advisable to listen to it every day, quietly.

Even fifteen or twenty minutes at least are enough, preferebly in the early morning after rising, after returning home from work, in the evening before falling asleep.

It is also possible to listen to the music during the night, at a very low volume.

While listening to the harmonic medical
information we recommend:
  • to sit comfortably or to lie down
  • to close the eyes
  • to simply allow the harmonic
    information to work
  • to ideally use headphones
    of good quality
  • to avoid outer disturbances
  • to listen as soft as possible
  • to listen only as loud as necessary –
    in order to possibly perceive all fine
    structural developments
  • to listen to the harmonic information
    for at least 15-20 minutes
  • to listen to the harmonic information regularly
Harmonic Information –
Medication of the Future from the
Micro Music Laboratories®

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is not music in the usual sense, and is therefore not used for enter- tainment, but purely for medical purposes.
The beauty of the harmonic music preparations is aimed at individual acceptance but beyond the pleasant enjoyment of music nature’s laws of harmony contained in the fine structures of the Microcosm of Music are of central medical importance, as they alone create the positive health effects.

As was documented on the conference of the World Health Organisation (WHO) “Society, Stress and Health” the music preparations of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® have proven to be 4-8 times as effective for the release of psycho-physiological mani- festations of stress as a pharmaceutical preparation.

Thus, they show strong supporting effects on the healing process in all stress related illnesses.

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® consists of a number of medical music preparations, arranged according to indications, created in international cooperation with the musicologist and classical composer Peter Huebner as well as with physicians for the natural harmonisation of body, mind and soul. This project for research and development is based on the works of the famous physician, musicologist and mathematician of the early European history, Pythagoras, as well as of many great scientists and thinkers following him, and their mutual interest in researching nature’s laws of harmony in a purposeful scientific manner, and utilising them for medicine and health.
The most modern musicological and medical technologies are used nowadays to realise this ancient central idea of natural medicine.

Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is the only Medical Music Preparation approved by the Government in Germany and is available in 22 000 German Pharmacies.
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Medical Music Preparation or
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